Melanie “meL” Capone, a prominent professional player actively participating in the Valorant Game Changers scene, has openly voiced her criticism towards Riot Games, expressing her perception of the company’s seemingly lacking promotional efforts during the current VCT Game Changers season.

Mel’s criticism became evident when she raised concerns about the disparity between the media coverage provided for the ongoing Game Changers event, Stage 2, compared to previous editions of the tournament. In the past, Riot Games had invested significant efforts in promotional activities for the Game Changers event, including creating trailers, live-streaming most matches, and conducting special interviews with players. However, during the current season, Mel perceived a lack of similar promotional commitment.

I don’t want to come across as ungrateful, but I see how hard all of these players are working + how competitive this GC was and really wish for them the same opportunities and support that I received

Melanie “meL” Capone

While it is understandable that Riot Games may not always surpass expectations for each event, Mel expressed her disappointment with the absence of post-match press conferences, which she deemed as underwhelming.

This incident serves as a reminder of the pivotal role media coverage plays in the esports industry. It extends beyond merely attracting viewers, as it also plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of players and nurturing new talent, providing them with the opportunities they rightly deserve.

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