Riot Games delight fans with yet another hit music video for their upcoming tournament Anthem.

Well known for creating one of the most popular online games to date, League of Legends. What Riot Games is less known for is their music. Having released multiple songs, in many different styles, Riot Games has recently taken the music industry by storm, by releasing hit after hit in some fiery collaborations with multiple artists, and their most recent one didn’t disappoint.

The way Riot Games manages to combine a song with a music video that really captures the community’s attention is sublime.

Adam Gatt

The music, the video, the concept. Everything in this video is virtually flawless. A slow paced song that somehow brings you to your feet regardless, and an animated story that hits deep into every gamer’s heart as it digs at every gamer’s dream to make it to the big stage and having their friends’ support throughout.

The title too comes around as somewhat ironic for those of us who have seen this time and time again, a game publisher releasing a hit like this. It just might be the current music industry’s time that’s actually Ticking Away, if game publishers keep dishing out hits like this.

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